Sewer Camera Inspections

Sewer Backups Stink
Your sewer camera inspection can help identify problems inside your pipes like clogs and offsets before a backup occurs.
Plumbing Problems Can Cost You
According to, the average total cost to replace or repair a main sewer line is $2,250 – $5,750. See the condition underground from the inside of your pipes now.
Broken Pipes Lead To Clogs
Buried pipes, especially older ones, can fail leading to root intrusion, leaks and other things that can cost you time, money and headaches. Our fiber optic camera can see what is happening on the inside.

Bundle With A Home Inspection and Save

You can save $69 on your sewer camera inspection  when you bundle it with a home inspection. That means the peace of mind that comes with seeing the condition of your pipes from the inside costs even less!

See What’s Hidden Inside Your Pipes With A Sewer Camera Inspection.

Underground pipes, especially those that have been in the ground for some time or have mature trees growing on top of them, can deform, and deteriorate making them more likely to clog or worse, break spilling sewage into the soil.

By putting a camera into your sewer line we are able to see things that would otherwise remain hidden.  Roots intruding into the pipes, obstructions, offsets and cracks are just a few examples of things a sewer camera inspection can show you.

Sewer line issues can be expensive, especially when they are located under a slab.  Regular inspections, with a fiber optic camera inside the pipes can help you understand the overall condition and see how they are holding up with age.

Get Your Sewer Camera Inspection Now!