Yes we do!

Wood destroying insect (WDI) inspections are regulated by the Structural Pest Control Service at the Texas Department of Agriculture.

The state of Texas requires a separate license to inspect for Wood Destroying Insects beyond that required by the Texas Real Estate Commission for Real Estate Property Inspections.

Just let us know you need that servce and we will have one of our licensed termite inspectors available to help! 

Of course if you have your own termite company, were happy to setup the inspection with them and handle all the logistics so you can just relax. 

Buying or selling a house is stressful, the home inspection process shouldn’t be.

It depends, many factors come into play when determining the fee for inspecting a home including, the type of inspection, age, size, foundation type, etc.  Then there are ancillary inspections such as sewer camera inspections, sprinklers, pools, wells or outbuildings.  All of these things can make the overall fee for an inspection vary drastically from one home to the next.

That being said, our prices our competitive and our commitment to bringing you the best possible value and highest quality while making the process simple is what we deliver for each and every inspection.

In general about 3 1/2 hours hours. However, that time can vary from house to house, smaller and new construction homes take less time while large and older homes take a little longer.  Rest assured though, we work for you and will take as much time as necessary to complete the inspection, even if it requires a return trip.

Nope!  Many inspectors do, but we don’t unless the distance requires an overnight stay, or would require us to miss an inspection later in the day, then let’s talk about it.

We currently have 2 inspectors working full time to serve your needs supported by a full time staff of people dedicated to making the process smooth and hassle free.

The good news for you is that we are a small but growing company!  That means you receive personalized one on one attention that larger companies simply are not equipped to provide.  

Don’t worry about a thing, we never compromise on service.  We work hard to get your inspection completed in a timely manner and can even handle same day appointments in most cases. 

Give us a call, were friendly, approachable and always willing to help!