Building A New Home or Buying A Home Newly Built?

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Pre-Close Inspections For New Homes

Let us help you kick the tires before you drive away in that brand new home.  

There’s nothing worse than moving into your new home, settling in and enjoying life, then the first cold day of the year you go to turn on your furnace and uh oh, no heat. 

Yep that really happened.  Oh sure, the builder corrected the problem, but it was as best an inconvenience.

With a pre-close inspection, we inspect all the major systems and components to ensure they are going to perform for you when it matters.  

Phased Inspections While You Build

Don’t get overwhelmed building a new house from the ground up.

We work with you and your builder to inspect the home multiple times during construction.  As the builder completes certain phases of construction, we take a look and report back to you on the condition of your home, taking the time to explain everything until you are comfortable.  

We work hard to ensure the inspections are non invasive and do not impact the construction timeline.

Inspections typically happen in 3 phases, although others can be added.

  • Post Framing – As the name implies, this inspection happens once the framing is in place.
  • Pre-Drywall – At this point, the bones of the home are in place and visible along with most of the major systems.  
  • Pre-Closing – This generally happens about the same time as the builder’s walk through. 

Because each home is unique, we work with you to determine the price, call (817-601-5257) or email and lets setup a time to talk.

Termite Inspections Done Right at House Fluent Inspections

Termite Inspections

Don't let the stress of the unknown get to you. Our licensed termite inspectors will ensure your home is thoroughly inspected for all types of wood destroying insects from termites and carpenter ants to powder post beetles, carpenter bees and more.

Home Inspections with Confidence

Simply the Best Home Inspections

From moisture meters, infrared cameras and electrical testers to interactive on-line reports with images and video and electronic key access. We use only the best technology so you receive the highest quality home inspection experience.

House Fluent Inspections

Making Your Life Easier

For your convenience, we handle it all, contact us to schedule your Home Inspections. We can add on pool & spa, sprinkler system, outbuilding, well and well water and pest inspections. Pest Inspections are contracted through a third party.