Information on the home inspection process, buying, selling or maintaining your home.

When Do You Mulch and What Do You Mulch?

Like me, you’ve probably already seen them ominously surrounding your local home improvement center. It seems that they appeared overnight; standing in silent rows and columns, and wearing drapes of plastic with an alphanumeric code spray painted across the front. Elsewhere, perhaps at your grocery store, pallets of bagged goods line the apron and sidewalk. Roving pickups pulling trailers, piled…

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What Is Included In A Sprinkler System Inspection?

Your landscape sprinkler system is a huge contributor to the condition of your home over time. Did you know if damaged or deficient it can lead to deteriorating fences, rotting siding, mortar deterioration in your brick, foundation movement and much more. For all these reasons and more, you should expect a lot when it comes to this part of your…

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Fireplace Maintenance and Safety

If you haven’t realized, here in North Texas, “WINTER” has officially arrived. It’s true. Go look, I’ll wait...I put the word in quotes because, really, if you’ve lived here for more than a few days, you know that the weather is always changing. It can be sunny and mild one day, only to be bitter cold and icy the next. …

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Shedding Water

We have seen record breaking rainfall recently in Texas and all that rain can play havoc with your yard and foundation if you're not properly maintaining the drainage system around your home. Your roof sheds more water than any other component in your home. The surface area of your roof acts like a giant tarp catching rain water then channeling…

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Swimming Pool Safety

The consumer product safety commission just released it’s 2018 submersion and entrapment report for pools and spas. While the statistics in it are pretty sobering, especially if you're a parent, the good news is that the numbers did not increase over last year’s levels. Still, on average, there were 351 fatal drownings in pools and spas among children younger than…

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Remove Risk With A Seller’s Pre-listing Inspection

As an agent, should you recommend your client get an inspection prior to listing the home?  There are advantages to a pre-listing inspection that should not be ignored. According to the Los Angeles Times, a pre-listing inspection signals to a buyer a sense of “openness and good faith” on the part of the seller.  It simultaneously reveals any unpleasant surprises…

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10 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for an Inspection

As a seller the inspection process can sometimes be a tense experience.  You have essentially agreed to allow the person purchasing your home to come in and crawl through every nook and cranny with someone who looks for defects in houses every day professionally, the outcome of which will determine if you need to spend any money on repairs or…

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