Have Unexpected Repairs Cost You?
Annual home checkups can help prevent the loss of time and money from unexpected problems by identifying needed repairs before they become a big expense.

maintain the value in your home

According to House Logic without proper maintenance, your home could lose 10% in value.

Maintain a record of repairs

Just like your car, keeping good maintenance records on your home can help to show confidence to a buyer that the home they are looking at was well taken care of.  

Discover issues

Generally discover problems before they become expensive problems.

Plan Ahead

Understand how major systems in your home are aging and budget for necessary repairs or replacements.

Reduce Stress and Sleep Better Tonight

Conscientious home owners understand that if they take care of their home, their home will take care of them.

Don't find yourself stuck in the Texas heat with an air conditioner that goes out in July, or displaced because of water entering your home.