New Home Purchase and Pre-Listing Inspections
Our Real Estate inspections are the best in the business. We handle all the logistics and provide unbelievable support after the job is done.

Whether you're buying a home or selling a home, we work with you and your agent to ensure you receive a hassle free, timely and high quality inspection

Easy to schedule on-line or via phone.  Our full time staff is here to support you 8 AM – 7 PM M-F and 9 AM – 2 PM Sat.

Your report is delivered to your in-box the same day with a copy sent to your Agent and can be viewed on any device.

Summarized Defects

Our reports are identify any defects observed, provide the significance of the defect and recommend corrective action.

High Quality Pictures of Defects

Your report contains high quality pictures of most defects directly below the section in which it’s referenced.

Repair Request List

Your reports includes a summarized defect addendum that allows you an your agent to make smart decisions quickly.

Amazing Post Inspection Support

You get an inspector for life. Have questions after your inspection, need more clarification or a referral?  Just call.

Call (817) 601-5257


Your home is your largest investment, mitigate the risk with an inspection from House Fluent.

Gain Bargaining Power – Problems may be found during the inspection that may be expensive to fix. This may give you some bargaining power when it comes to negotiating the price of the house.

Understand How to Budget for Future Expenses – Gain insight into the major components of your home that will need attention in order to keep it safe and efficient.


Homes with a pre-listing inspection get more offers and close sooner with a higher final price!

1. Price your home at it’s true value.

2. Address any issues before buyers see the property.

3. Your disclosure statement is cleaner and you can offer the inspection report to the buyer.

Foundation settlement
Double tapping electrical circuits
Stovetop wiring improperly terminated
Pests in the electrical system
Fire damage to baseboard
Rusty Condesate Pan
Missing spindle in railing
Broken sprinkler head
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